Technical Core Makeup Course

Course Fee Rs 25,000 Or £ 120
(Group class)
Course Duration: 8 Hours
Course Content
Learn the signature core techniques central to our approach to make up
- Face structure
- Face sculpting
- Skin finish
- Eye structure
- Liner
- Color theory
3 demonstrations of completed looks

intermeditate classes


Course Fee Rs 50,000 Or £ 240
(Group and One on one class)
Course Duration: 12 Hours
Course Content
- Learn how to create lip mixes
- Lashes application (individual and full strip)
- Create three customized looks and the basics of hairstyling



Course Fee Rs 150,000 Or £ 715
(One on one class)
Course Duration: 15 Hours
Course Content
- Burnished Gold glitter and red lips
- Smokey eye with nude lips
- Champagne finish
- Learn the techniques that elevate make-up to bridal. (Bridal contouring, Bridal Base, Bridal eye make up, eye lash stacking)


Course Fee Rs 40,000 Or £ 190
(One on one class)
Course Duration: 6 Hours
Course Content
- How to respond to creative briefs, create face charts, sketches, research



Course Fee Rs 40,000 Or £ 190
(One on one class)
Course Duration: 6 Hours
Course Content
- Studio set up
- Editorial make up and look creation
- The basics of photography and lighting for both stills and live camera

Makeup Short courses & Bundles



UNDER MY EYE 2 hours | Rs. 10,000/£50 Under eye concealing & brightening

LIP MIX 2 hours | Rs. 10,000/£50 Lipstick mixing, lip shaping & lip contouring
LINER AWAY 2 hours | Rs. 12,000/£60 The perfect liner technique
CLASSIC SMOKY EYES 2 hours | Rs. 12,000/£60 Nail the perfect smudgy evening look
HALO EYES 2 hours | Rs. 15,000/£70 You've seen the magic, now learn it!
THOSE RED LIPS 2 hours | Rs. 10,000/£50 Create the perfectly balanced but bright red lip look
FACE SCULPT 2 hours | Rs. 15,000/£70 The ins and outs of contouring, highlighting & blush placement
CORRECTIVE CONTOURING 2 hours | Rs. 15,000/£70 How to manipulate features with shade and light
EYEBROW KNOW HOW 2 hour | Rs. 5,000/£25 How to properly shape and sculpt your eyebrows according to your face shape

Bina Khan - Evening Makeup


THE SKIN SUITE 4 hours | Rs. 18,000 / £90 Skin prep, Base and concealing, Sculpt

THE EYE BUNDLE 4 hours | Rs 18,000 / £90 Liner, Smokey eyes, Lashes application
EYE SHAPES 4 hours | Rs 18,000 / £90 Eye shadow structures; Halo eyes, traditional eye shadow and hooded eyes
TEXTURES 2 hours | Rs. 10,000/£50 Learn how to make texture perform to its max. Glitter eyes, glowy skin, Ombre lips

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