[AsianaTV – Oct 2020] Bina Khan demonstrates the ‘Registry makeup look’ that looks really good in the day time. So instead of doing the usual shimmery, glittery kind of look that you associate with bridals, this video shows something different with a little bit of depth, a little bit of matte. We’ll also see some Halo Eye and offset it with a delicate pink lip and delicate pink cheek. This video shows product combinations used to create the look including YSL Touche Eclat Foundation, Pat McGrath Labs Foundation, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and many more fantastic makeup products.


[ - Sep 2020] This week You! scours for the best liner hacks by pro makeup artists and brings you the guide to a perfect kohled eyes. Whether you are a beginner or the intermediate-to-advanced wing-wearers, you’ll find pro-tips, tricks, and hacks to make eyeliner application easy and effortlessly precise. Bina Khan Article

Quarantine Diary: Bina Khan

[ - May 2020] In this time of social distancing, Team Edition presents the Quarantine Diary! This week we spoke to make up maestro and the Pat McGrath of Pakistan, Bina Khan


[ - May 2020] Renowned makeup artist, Bina Khan shares some tips and tricks for a camera-ready look for your next virtual meeting. Learn more about looking with quick and easy makeup tips suitable for any level of skill for when you're at home or at office.

Bina Khan - Mashion

7 Tips And Tricks We Learnt From Makeup Artist Bina Khan

[ - Sep 2019] Watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and perfecting the winged eyeliner is a great achievement, but it doesn’t make you a makeup artist! There’s a lot that goes behind a flawless look. Picking the right products, mixing and matching shades and understanding the needs of different skin types.

The art of carving faces

[ - Aug 2019] Known for her customised choice of colour and creating beautiful complexions, makeup artist Bina Khan has been in the beauty industry since she was 19. She may have stumbled into the beauty business, but she has surely carved a niche for herself, creating looks that very few beauty virtuosos could pull off.

7 Looks Bina Khan And Imaan Madani Slayed Together

[ - Nov 2019] The Pakistani beauty industry has always been prosperous, but Bina Khan has managed to give it something else: Imaan Madani. First appearing in Bina Khan’s make-up shoots, Imaan Madani has now become a recognisable face across Pakistan.

Make Up File With The Experts: Make Up 101 With Bina Khan!

[ - Feb 2019] Hair and make up maestro Bina Khan gave us the privilege to watch her apply make up onto the beautiful Sonya Jamil in a well constructed tutorial, telling us all the do’s and don’t’s of applying make up as well as teaching us a few tricks about how to look our best for whatever occasion.

Let's make up with Bina Khan

[ - Jul 2013] Bina Khan shares tips on how to manage frizzy hair in the summer heat

Let's make up with Bina Khan

Let's make-up with Bina Khan: Finding your look

[ - Jun 2013] This week, I demonstrate the mistakes we have all made on our path to stylish enlightenment. I have selected Jennifer Lopez because a) she looks a little desi, b) she has always had a brilliant set of bones and c) she doesn’t appear to have had any plastic surgery. It looks to me like her transformation has been brought about by good make-up and proper styling. Here is what we can learn from her early mistakes and later triumphs.

Let's make up with Bina Khan

[ - Apr 2013] Getting a pimple (or a huge milky way of them) is easily one of the most embarrassing things in the world.There are a few ingredients that will help you with your acne management, if you are a chronic sufferer.

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