I say this without the slightest hesitation- there is nobody like Bina. 
She opened my eyes to so much, prompting me to learn, unlearn, relearn and in some cases, commit to memory to always have handy. From her unique and unparalleled  love and passion for the craft as well as the commitment to pass on that knowledge, the systemic way in which she approaches each task, the unwavering commitment to the process not the product, as well as the focus on structure and techniques.



Ava Gardner, skulls, and Hollywood lighting: These are just a few of the things we discussed in Bina’s first class! The Class was perfect for teaching us the *how* of makeup. Online makeup tutorials usually end up with shopping lists and some vague recommendations. This is the first class I’ve taken that really explains the logic behind contouring and highlighting, that explains face and eye structure, and teaches us how to use makeup to enhance what’s already there. Bina’s style is graceful, elegant, beautiful makeup, regardless of your aesthetic, I’ve already watched some of the classes twice or more, and each rewatch I learn something new. This is a class that offers an absolute depth and wealth of knowledge.



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